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Zig zag your way through East Hollywood, Westlake, downtown Los Angeles and Boyle Heights on Sunday, April 10 from 10am to 3pm. Through cicLAvia.org, the a 7 1/2 mile route will be vacant of automobiles and replaced with walkers, joggers, and cyclists and skateboard enthusiasts. It’s free. It’s a family-friendly, all ages. Bring the Big Wheel, bring the red wagon. Jog, walk, run, race, or go at your own pace.


Pastor Rick interviews Dr. Oz from his dressing room at The Dr. Oz Show in New York about the connection between faith and fitness, why diets fail, breaking through plateaus, the importance of creating muscle mass and more. This 14-minute video is a must-see to learn how to control food and not let it control you!

After nine weeks, we know the basics concepts and Healthy Habits in The Daniel Plan, like: It’s not a short-term diet. It’s about a life-long healthy lifestyle. Eat foods grown on a plant, not in one. Don’t drink your calories. Detoxify your body from gluten, dairy and sugars. Get support from group members. Exercise....

On Saturday, Saddleback hosted the second Daniel Plan seminar of the year. The morning was full of celebration, information, and of course, healthy snacks.

Attendees braved the rain to hear from the team of experts assembled to educate us on health, fitness, and nutrition. The day’s talks centered around two themes: the power of community and how to push past plateaus.


From The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz explains the five life-saving tests, and five numbers you need to know so you can take appropriate action, establish a starting point to measure goals and understand the importance of knowing your numbers!

This week, The Daniel Plan goes more in-depth about food allergies that may be weighing you down, literally. If you are hitting a wall and not seeing the kind of results you hoped for, your body might be telling you something....

Your Life Matters!

Join thousands worldwide and be a part of The Daniel Plan movement, a 52-week healthy living program designed by world-renowned doctors, who will be LIVE, in-person, and simulcast online THIS Saturday, March 19 at 8:30 a.m. It’s not too late to start, so join us...


Dr. Hyman lays out the most common, and less common, sources of food allergens, symptoms to watch for, and ways to avoid them in this short, less than 2-minute video clip. He encourages taking a 100 percent “holiday” from the top offenders, which can lead to life-changing results.

In this 5-minute video clip, Dr. Hyman breaks down the keys to enhancing your exposure to toxic materials. He outlines what to avoid, what to include and some surprising information about water, toxic chemicals and metals in the air, water and in the wireless world! This video complements the article he wrote and is available on this site....
Dr. Amen answers a question about people with severe inflammatory conditions, such as osteo-arthritis, in this 2-minute video clip from his PBS special. He says inflammation is very common and is thought to be the leading indicator for Alzheimer’s disease, among other chronic disease. Watch this and learn what foods to enjoy and avoid to reduce inflammation....

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