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From The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz takes an embarrassing subject to talk about in public, but reveals what your feces can tell you about your digestive health. Using clay examples and an animation, he explains shape, consistency and color as well as how to improve your digestive health....
Dr. Mark Hyman gives a thorough overview on "the inner tube of life" and digestive health in this 7-minute video taken from his blog. He says, digestive problems wreak havoc in your entire body, and is central to your overall health. He reviews symptoms and treatments....
In this 2 1/2-minute video segment, Dr. Mark Hyman gives a surprising example from an actual patient that reveals the wide range of problems that can occur from an unhealthy gut. Then, he shares how he treated this patient and the amazing results experienced....
From the popular Orange County restaurant, 118 Degrees, owner and chef Jenny Ross demonstrates how to make Pistachio Pesto that is healthy, delicious and a flexible sauce you can use in a variety of ways. Watch this 5-minute video and get a great "Daniel Plan Approved" pesto which is great with stuffed mushrooms, used as a dip, or with pasta....
To honor Independence Day, The Daniel Plan wants to help free you from the bondages of stress. We all face challenges, adversity, difficulty with relationships and financial struggles which can take a toll on your overall well being, and open your mind to eat bad foods and stop exercising....
The Daniel Plan knows you’re out there...You’ve been under the radar, quietly losing weight, feeling great and haven’t told us about your journey. Although we’ve had hundreds of stories pour in, your’s has yet to be told. During the month of July, we want to uncover untold stories....

This single chapter, written by Trudy Scott, is an excellent, thorough overview of Daniel Plan principles. We're including chapter 1 from "The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution, How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Craving." Learn about what foods to eat and avoid to reduce stress in your life.

Owner and chef of the popular 118 Degrees restaurant in Costa Mesa, Jenny Ross shows how to make a creamy, delicious and healthy dessert for the summer. Blending avocados, raw chocolate (cacao), agave nectar and a few spices creates an amazing texture that can be married with fresh berries. Watch this 6-minute video and treat your family and friends!...
From The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and cardiologist Dr. John Kennedy, examine ways to measure stress with the "Great American Stress Test." Watch this 3-part series to determine your stress level and learn easy solutions to help you relax. Just how stressed out are you? Click here to take the quiz. Click here to Watch Part 2. Click here to Watch Part 3....
The Daniel Plan challenges you! For the month of July and August, The Daniel Plan is issuing a Summer Fitness Challenge, so you can set goals, get help and celebrate your progress. We've assembled a support system of professional health and wellness experts, workshops, activities, motivational tools and ministries to encourage you to new heights of wellness....

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