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This 3-minute video clip, extracted from Dr. Daniel Amen’s PBS special, reveals the incredible impact food allergies, preservatives and hidden sugars can have on your health. Dr. Amen’s shows brains scans and gives a few tricks to improve your food smarts...
In this 7-minute video, Dr. Mark Hyman explains the importance of understanding toxins, where they come from, ways to avoid them and enhance your own natural ability to eliminate toxic substances from your body and life....
In this 7-minute video, Dr. Mark Hyman explains the critical role inflammation plays in disease and weight gain. He says inflammation is a good thing because it is a natural way the body protects itself. ...

Congratulations! We made it six weeks! Although we don't expect everyone to be actively incorporating every detail from The Daniel Plan, we want to take this week to celebrate any progress, evaluate other areas of your life and provide direction and inspiration so you can maintain these new, healthy habits!


Recent reports from scientific studies give us more and more reason to adapt a healthy lifestyle and overcome the barriers holding you back. Read these latest findings for more incentive to stick with The Daniel Plan!


Science News

Happiness Improves Health and Lengthens Life, Review Finds

ScienceDaily (Mar. 1, 2011) — A review of more than 160 studies of human and animal subjects has found "clear and compelling evidence" that -- all else being equal -- happy people tend to live longer and experience better health than their unhappy peers.


Interviewed by Lisa Griffin, volunteer

Since starting The Daniel Plan, Gabrielle Clark has lost weight, lowered her blood pressure and improved her blood work-related numbers, using her fork and getting more active. Below she shares her progress and motivation for creating a healthier lifestyle with The Daniel Plan.

During this helpful one-hour webcast, get answers to some of the hottest topics people are asking, like how is Pastor Rick doing? How much weight has he lost? What is he doing on The Daniel Plan?...
Although Saddleback Church has one of the largest congregations in the country, if not the world, amazingly it's built on Small Groups of people. In this short video, learn what Small Group means to several people at Saddleback Church, then take the next step to join one in your area or online, or start a new one!...
In this 2 1/2-minute segment from a PBS Special, Dr. Mark Hyman says diseases are names that "tells us nothing about the real reason or causes for them." According to Dr. Hyman, the root of disease are a result of 7 core biological systems being out of balance...

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