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This week, The Daniel Plan interviews Carrie Nease and learns how our lifestyles often get in the way of healthy habits. But Carrie shares her determination to change her fast-food family.

What is your current condition?

Dr. Mark Hyman reveals surprising facts drug companies don’t openly share about related testing on anti-depressant medications in this 3-minute video clip....
Daniel G. Amen, MD shows brain scans of actual patients to reveal how your brain health is linked to your overall health. He has examined more than 60,000 brain scans using Brain SPECT Imaging (single photon emission computed tomography), which looks at blood flow and activity patterns in the brain....
In this 4-minute clip from a PBS special, Daniel G. Amen, MD, explains the “Dinosaur Syndrome” and offers ways to avoid it. He suggests, “if you want a better mind and body, the best place to start is to have a healthy brain” because that’s the organ where decisions are made....
Are you one of those fact-based people who like to see the evidence behind the reality? Then this is your week! Dig deeper with us to learn the science behind food and nutrition. When Daniel challenged the King's court to a diet dual, he chose to eat vegetables and avoid rich foods served to the King. As the true story goes, it worked out pretty good for Daniel, even though he probably didn't know much about the science....

Patricia Kraatz is making progress in both her physical and spiritual life thanks to The Daniel Plan and Saddleback Church. One-time “Miss San Diego,” Patricia shares her story, progress and the link between her physical and spiritual health:

Dr. Mark Hyman created a 33-minute video covering "4 Ways to Buy Safe, Effective and Reliable Supplements." All vitamins are not created equal, and he admits finding the right supplements isn't easy....
Dr. Daniel Amen and his wife Tana, reveal the sugar-laden, processed foods and chemicals that many of us have grown up on....
** SUPER BOWL SPECIAL ** Daniel had Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedengo when they issued the food challenge to King Nebuchadnezzar. On Sunday, February 6, the Packers won't be sending just one person to face the Steelers in the Super Bowl football game – the entire team will take on the challenge together. There's strength in numbers and you'll continue to need the support of your friends, family, and small group as you endure the ups and downs of this challenge....

The Daniel Plan is perfect timing for this Saddleback Church member, who is setting her goals high—with a new hope—for a spiritual and physical makeover. Read her letter and be encouraged by her vision of faith, grace, and determination.


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