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Posted by David Jahr

By Peggy Matthews Rose

As of April 2, 2011, Kendal Rock is down 38 pounds—from his beginning weight of 325 to his current 287. “Ten more pounds and I’ve GOT to get some new clothes—darn!” Kendall said, showing off a T-shirt he hadn’t been able to fit into in over a year.

Wherever he goes in his dog grooming travels, this Daniel Plan evangelist eagerly shares his success “secrets” with curious clients. Several, he said, are in the same place he was when he began this journey—with out of control weight, diabetes, and other weight and diet-related health challenges.

“I tell them I’ll bet you’re angry with the television, short-tempered, out of sorts, and feeling like there’s nothing you can do about it,” Kendal said. “And they’ll say, ‘You’ve got me nailed!’ So then I tell them ‘get off sugar, get off white stuff, get off artificial sweeteners, get off the fast-food carbs. They’re killing you!’ One guy is already down five pounds.”

Since his last update, Kendal has added another gym to his routine, making sure he is never far from a workout. While he’s plataued a little, he’s continues to be pumped about his success. So successfully has he turned around his diabetes, he now has to be careful not to let his blood sugar get too low! “If I get a little grouchy, I know that’s not me. So I grab an apple or an orange and I’m right as rain again.”

Posted by Melodee Joy Smith 5/9/2011 2:11:00 PM
Great job Kendal! Keep up the hard work! I've lost 28 lbs. My husband's lost 39 lbs. My daughters lost 29 lbs. Peoplele who we don't even know stop my husband on the street and ask him what he is doing to lose weight. So many have asked that we made up business cards with the Daniel plan website on them to give to people that ask.
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