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The Daniel Plan was Christian Retailing's Best 2014 for Health and Fitness...
Rachel first became interested in The Daniel Plan in January of 2014, following a period of postpartum depression. Her energy was at an all time low and she felt hopeless....
My earlier memories of 4th of July are filled with the goofy parade down main street (which my parents coerced me into going to), grilling at mom and dad’s, and spending lazy summer time with family and friends....
God wired the universe so that happiness does not come from status, salary, sex, or success....
When Trudy Beerman saw an ad for The Daniel Plan book, she got herself on the pre-order list right away. Her journey started in January of 2014 and as with most of us, she’s learning that the real change begins when we allow God to change the way we think....

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