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I'm going to tell you about something today that's a secret. It's a powerful tool that you have with you all the time, every moment of every day that you might not know about - and it can change your life. It's called your breath!...
Posted by Jerelyn

Picture yourself when you were a fifth grader, probably nine or ten years old. Do you remember … Looking into the sky watching clouds morph into zoo animals and cartoon characters? Running with outstretched arms like Superman or Wonder Woman, saving the entire city? Playing tag, getting caught, and laughing so hard you couldn’t breathe? Climbing trees? Running and jumping into a pile of leaves? Not worrying about how much you weighed, what you looked like, what clothes you wore, or how much money you had? Skipping, hiding, seeking, shooting, chasing, swimming, dancing, and catching?...
Clear thinking, moist skin, healthy kidneys, and bountiful energy — they all depend on an adequate daily intake of water. Are you getting enough liquids? And if you work out, are you getting the right kind? Find out why you should look before you gulp....
“These instructions are not empty words — they are your life! By obeying them you will enjoy a long life …” (Deuteronomy 32:47 NLT) Many people think the Bible is only filled with commands labeled “Thou shalt not …” They assume the Bible is all about restrictions and making you lead a boring life....
(from The Daniel Plan – 40 Days to a Healthier Life...

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