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Health Tips & Testimonies From Saddleback Church Pastors

Practicing what they preach, The Daniel Plan caught up with a few pastors asking them to share their progress with The Daniel Plan and tips to help others. It's not only Pastor Rick making changes! As you read this, note how The Daniel Plan can be adopted to each individual. It's not a strict diet, but a personalized lifestyle.

John Baker: Pastor, Celebrate Recovery

John Baker

I started The Daniel Plan the day Saddleback launched it back in January. After years of going from diet to diet I finally realized I didn't need a diet - I needed a life-style change!

I started applying the 8 Principles of Celebrate Recovery and received support and accountability from my recovery group. My wife joined me on this journey and it is working for both of us. I have lost over 50 pounds! Praise God! Men, if I can do it - you can do it!

Jim Dobbs: Creative Director

Jim Dobbs

I've lost between 40-50 pounds. My weight moves around daily, but I'm focused on fat loss, not the scale. I didn't do this at the beginning. I'm more focused on body recomposition and health, not just weight loss.

Here are my tips:

  • Don't get caught up in the hype of quick-win weight loss.
  • Celebrate your wins, even if they are small.
  • Take it seriously but don't see it as failure when you don't quite make it…Don't see it as failure and don't beat yourself up.
  • Keep it simple, don't do it on your own, and create a lifestyle change… Then its easier.

Steve Gladen: Pastor, Spiritual Maturity Team

Steve Gladen

This January, I put in the worship area of my health plan to get down to 220. It is in worship as the body is a temple. I weighed in at 251. So I started the Daniel Plan…loosely. I started out by eating right, cutting out as much sugar as I can and no caffeine.

Knowing I couldn't do this alone, my men's group (all nine of them) committed to a Biblical Daniel fast as laid out in the book of Daniel. We saw good results. Some stopped, but I kept plugging away. Eating right. Now, I must confess, exercise hasn't even come into the equation.

Today as the writing of this I weigh 222, but better than that—I feel great. My motivation is to serve the Lord as long and best I can, and stick around to see grandkids! Okay, my wife also wants me around too, the force behind me!