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How to Have a Meaningful Time With God

By Pastor Rick Warren
(Condensed from his book, "Bible Study Methods: Twelves Ways You Can Unlock God's Word")

Bible Study Methods: Twelves Ways You Can Unlock God's Word

At the heart of The Daniel Plan, is the concept that will power is not enough to sustain life-long change. According to Pastor Rick, it's requires God's power.

Create energy and vitality through a core principle in The Daniel Plan which is to have a daily quiet time with God, reflecting on your goals, journaling your progress and connecting with His power. In this e-book, learn simple steps to having a productive quiet time, including:

  • Start with the proper attitudes
  • Select a specific time
  • Choose a special place
  • Follow a simple plan

By enhancing our spiritual lives, we will create more energy to improve our physical lives as well. Read this short book, practice it and begin to feel more energy, more connected and capable of accomplishing your goals!

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